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She has retaken with the "cie Toula Limnaios" several pieces; "tempus fugit", " die einen die anderen", "wut" and "minute papillion". She has also been part of five new productions; "momentum" , " volto umano", "meantime" "clair obscour" and "tell me a better story".


Clair Obscour 2021

Who hasn’t tried to catch their shadow while walking back then? who has not wondered about this strange apparition that constantly accompanies us, but also always slips away? from plato’s »allegory of the cave« to carl gustav jung’s »analytical psychology« to the dream world of every human being, the shadow veils and reveals the secrets of the world.

concept/choreography: toula limnaios

music: ralf r. ollertz


Tellme a better

Tell me a better story 1&2 2020

»tell me a better story « it is a series of solo/ duet pieces that were developed for the ensemble during the period of pandemic.

The charisma of every dancer and their personality has always been characteristic of our work. their individual strengths of each member of the team will be unveiled in six solos and a duet, reflecting one more time the personalities of our ensemble.

concept/choreography: toula limnaios

music: ralf r. ollertz


meantime 2020



in »meantime« the entire area of the halle is accessible: starting in the garden, across the large hall, to the foyer of our building.
»meantime« is a walking tour through danced miniatures in a parcours. the unique charisma of each dancer and their individual strength will be seen in six solos and a duet. 

concept/choreography: toula limnaios

music ralf r. ollertz




Volto umano 2018

›the human face‹
in »volto umano«, violence infiltrates the micro-society of the interpreters, oozes in and out of their bodies. the piece oscillates between the “little mis-deeds” in society, from which the merciless emerges. it embodies just how thin the blanket of civilization is when ethics and morals fall victim to barbarism.

concept/choreography: toula limnaios

music: ralf r. ollertz


momentum 2017

Composed like a chamber piece, »momentum« is a series of episodes instead of a single and coherent story. autonomous fragments representing the little, inconspicuous mysteries of daily life, which we choke on or draw our desires from.

concept/choreography: toula limnaios
music: ralf r. ollertz



O T H E R   P R O J E C T S

carina otte
wo sie gestern sein..

Wo sie gestern sein werden

Director : Carina Otte

Performers: Rachel Bo Clark, Katerina Delacoura, Mélanie Favre, Alba De Miguel Fuertes, Valentina Gaia Lops, Sarina Egan-Sitinjak, Julia Keren-Turbahn, Annekatrin Kiesel

Premier: 15th an 16th of June, 2017, berlin, Germany.

Motion design: Sabine Redlich
Light design: Severin Beyer
Sound design: Vince Paul Golly
Scenography/costumes: Mona Glass, Francesca Ercoli

Director: Aiala Etxegarai

Performers: Miguel González and Alba De Miguel

Company: Cia Input

Piece: Kilometros

Premiere: Madrid, Spain.



"Peep Box"

Director: Pedro Berdäyes

Performers: Miguel Gonzáles, Isabela Rossi, Gonzalo Simón, Lucia Nieto and Alba De Miguel.

Company: La Real.

Premier : Oporto, Portugal.

Music: Richard Wagner, Thannhäuser.

Photos: Vanillas and Miguel Ángel.


Director : Mey-Ling Bisogno

Performers: 30 artists (dancers, physical theater actors and circus performers) from different parts of the world.

Premiere: January, 2017, Madrid, Spain.

Photographer: Jonathan González.

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